Scenes of Shibuya


The Shibuya crossing is famous across the world. Four islands of people standing anxiously at the red light, the tension palpable as people wait to cross. The light changes, the banks burst and people stream into the scramble area continuing on with their daily lives.


This frantic scene embodies the energy of modern Japan and is a must see for anyone visiting Tokyo. Most people settle with the crowded second floor view from the overlooking Starbucks. What many do not know is that a brilliant view of both the crossing and the surrounding area can be enjoyed for free nearby from the observation floor at Hikarie, recently opened in 2012 and now one of Shibuya’s tallest buildings. Directly connected to JR Shibuya station, Hikarie is an easy walk to and from the Hachiko dog statue.


From the 11th floor panoramic views of Shibuya and Shinjuku are on offer. The iconic Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower can be seen to the north and on clear days Mt Fuji rises out from the clouds, framed by the skyscrapers to the west. After enjoying the view feel free to explore the numerous fashionable boutiques situated on the lower floors, the creative spaces on the 8th floor filled with exhibitions, or perhaps try one of the many delicious restaurants on the 7th floor.