Bread bananza パンパーティ !

I have eaten a lot of bread in my time. Baguettes, fougasse, sourdough I’ve tried them all. Naturally coming to Japan where rice rather than bread is the staple carbohydrate was not going to be easy.


The fluffy white bread of convenience stores was okay but lacked the crunch of a proper loaf. Rice bread had a pleasant taste but also a peculiar, foreign texture. This became a cause of concern for me. What was I going to eat cheese with? How was I going to make a proper sandwich to remind me of home?

Early last year I started working at MOV in the Hikarie building. During lunch breaks I would wander around the myriad of stores selling cosmetics, perfumes, and novelty pet clothes. One day I discovered Le Pain de Joel Robuchon located on the second basement floor of the building. I live on a student’s budget so at first was cautious, was I to be bankrupted by one baton? However, much to my joy I discovered the prices were fair and, more importantly, the bread delicious.


The fresh baked focaccia was a notable highlight. Straight out the oven it smelled of olive oil and was springy to the touch. Delicate flakes of salt sat upon the golden brown surface. Suffice to say the taste surpassed all expectations. After that came the fig and orange whole meal loaf whose thick crust made it accessible only to those with healthy young teeth, or at least a strong set of dentures. Inside was a satisfying mix of citrus and summer sweetness.

Not only was it the best bread I’ve had in Japan, it was some of the tastiest bread I’ve ever eaten inside and out of Europe. I often recommend it to my colleagues and I recommend it to you now.